tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Björn Welander is going way up north!

I have now left the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and my big city lifestyle to embrace Scandinavian nature way up north in Sweden. This is my inspirational trip for 2009!

This year my plan is to explore Swedish nature up in the northern parts of Sweden. I will be out hiking over the treelines, bathe in the rivers and collect interesting creations such us wooden sticks, grass, horns and what ever I can find. I have two goals with this trip 1) make new paintings for a new exhibit and 2) design new furniture.

"Swedish Animals" is my next art exhibit. I will be showing my interpretation of the animals in the Swedish mountains.


”Cosmopolitan design meets Scandinavian nature”
I will attempt to find a mix of strict cityline design, with traditional Swedish furniture design and nature.

I will write a diary in english so that my South African friends, family and business partners can follow my adventures. This should also prove to be a good way for me to practise my english writing.

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