onsdag 26 augusti 2009

No reindeers but a lot of antlers

The sun was up and I started my day trip...

The first thing that I run into was

and 15 minutes later...

and 5 minutes later..

The life was good and I was very happy. I carried on..

But then I came across something that wasn't that nice. It is not everyone that feels that life is a party...

and it wasn't that easy for me all the time either..

Back to the happy time again... picknick time!!!

I'm feeling free and so inspired!!!!

and then it started again...




I was very happy!!!!!

What a great day. A lot of inspiration, a lot of fresch air and a lot of antlers. And that is very good for my reindeer painting.

A picture that will go up on my inspirational wall..

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