måndag 24 augusti 2009

A day of rock inspiration

Today it was beautiful weather again and I went up above the treeline again. This environment is so inspirational so I had a new idea of a furniture collection when I arrived home again. Here are some pictures from my day.

It is so interesting that this bug can float on his thin feet so I sat and study him for a while. He will definitely go up on my inspiration wall. My inspiration wall is a wall where I put up pictures that inspire me but they don't give me any ideas for new furniture at the moment but hopefully I can use them in the future.

This was the first spot of a new furniture idea that i got. It is so beautiful and it almost looks like someone have put them there in a pattern. So my mission of the day was to find beautiful rocks that worked well together.

Doesn't this look like a stair?

Just beautiful... are they handicraft?

Even under the water...

Just hysteric... bottom of a lake...

This is art!!!

That was some of my rock pictures that I took today and they are going up on my design wall. My design wall is a wall that consist of ideas of new furnitures. I will see if I have time to go further with this idea during this trip, otherwise I have it on my wall and can start the design process when the time is right.

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